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Give your child the best start in life

Your little darling, as precious as a rare pearl and as gentle as a soft petal. All your hopes and wishes are centered around this bundle of joy. You would do anything to keep your child smiling throughout life. Make the right beginning by giving the perfect guidance during the pre-school years which play a vital role in shaping the future of your child. This is where the Montessori Method of teaching comes to your rescue. By offering the best formula for total development of child's faculties through the five senses - vision, touch, odour, taste and hearing. This method helps you to equip your child to face the challenges of life in today's competitive world.

Montessori Method of Teaching

A commitment to the overall development of the child This approach to learning, initiated by the great educator Dr. Maria Montessori and modified over the years, believes in maintaining the highest standards of education. It fosters and develops hidden talents, abilities, social skills, and understanding of the children. By stressing on a holistic approach to life, it goes beyond academic learning to unfolding of the child's overall personality. At Pearls & Petals, we help the child to discover the hidden talents.

Pearls & Petals Montessori

The Best place for your child to discover the world. The Montossori method of learning at Pearls & Petals is imparted through scientifically designed tools presented by well-trained adults. All activities of the children connected to development and co-ordination of the mind and the body are effectively undertaken.

The teaching is classified as:

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  • about us